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Why Work With Us

We are one of the budding start-ups in the agriculture sector in India, who garnered the trust of not only farmers, but also the big names from the entrepreneurial world within months of commencement(list of supporters/partners).

  • Drive real impact: At GramHeet, you would never feel alienated from work like Karl Marx would have hinted at. Everyday is spent on ruminating how we can deliver real impact to the smallholder farmers. So every bit of work that you put in will keep you connected to the goal, which will be a constant source of motivation for you. This gives us the confidence to guarantee you high job satisfaction!
  • Steepen your learning curve: An agri-business start-up will give you a conducive environment for picking up skills you won't be able to anywhere else. You'll get to learn about various aspects from the nitty-gritties of a female farmers' problems in the agrarian landscape to the macro level agriculture policies that have continuously failed to deliver to the farmers.
  • Build connections for a life-time: At GramHeet you would be exposed to diverse people and their networks, such as entrepreneurs, academicians, agricultural economists, investors, institutional buyers, financial partners, and so on. We strongly believe in "Once a GramHeetian, forever a GramHeetian." All these networks you build within as well as outside the organization will always be there to support you, even when you decide to leave the organization to explore new pathways.

What We Look For

In order to thrive in an agri-business start-up, one needs immense passion and knack of applying one's skills to get the job done. Experience and specific skillsets are not something that are on our preferences list, as those can be gained over time.

  • Diverse contexts and learnings: We see our team constituting of individuals from diverse fields, identities, backgrounds, experiences, etc. This diversity would bring in new ideas, skills, and perspectives to the team, which is ideal for the growth of any organization. We highly encourage women, LGBTQI community, and people from Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes to apply as we believe in creating an inclusive workplace.
  • A team player and an individual thinker: In our highly animated brainstorming sessions, we need brains who can think out-of-the-box to solve complex problems. But one also has to ideate and execute in coordination and harmony with the entire team to drive impact on the ground.
  • High on emotional quotient: We value individuals who are empathetic, mindful and communicate clearly. These qualities help one stay constantly motivated, avoid misunderstandings, deliver outcomes on time and create a favorable learning environment for the team.

How To Apply

  • Fill in the application form and submit.
  • Shortlisted candidates would be contacted over mail within 10 days from the date of submission. In case you don't receive a mail from us and would want feedback on your application, you could write to us on .
    We would be happy to help you in improving yourself.
  • Telephonic/Video interview would be scheduled as per mutually convenient timings.
  • Communication of final decision will happen within 3 working days after the interview.
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